Smith October 11, 2017

Newbies to betting, especially horse-race betting, often turn to handicapping services for betting advice. Unfortunately there are as many scammers in the field as there are horseshoe marks on a race track. Here we give the most telling signs of handicapping scams. Well, truth is there is always risk in gambling. But don’t make it harder than it has to be by letting the scammers in.

HANDICAPPING SCAM RED FLAG #1: Betting on the Locks. Locks are supposed to be sure winners. Short answer: No such thing. There is no such thing as a “sure win” in gambling or in any sport for that matter. (Even Steffi Graf had her bad days on the tennis court.) What scamming handicappers can show you is an impressive-looking track record that they earned simply by betting on favorites. The thing is, betting on favorites can return so low profits that a high winning average of even 60-70% need not mean you’re making a lot of money. Think about it: If sure wins or locks really existed, why aren’t we seeing instant millionaires walking away from the race tracks each time?

HANDICAPPING SCAM RED FLAG #2: The Choice of the [Day/Week, etc.] This scam method offers a best bet for a given period, say a week. Long story short: No one call who’s the best pick of the week or month or year. If you do bet on their choice bet of the week early on, how do you know if there won’t be a better bet later in the week? And if you bet until the last minute, the bet might already have been played earlier in the week. Oops….

Another telling sign is if the Choice or Pick of the so-so period changes several times. Say, three choice bets of the month every month! Huh?! What does that tell you?

HANDICAPPING SCAM RED FLAG #3: Short-term handicapping guarantee. A handicapper may offer you “win guarantee” for half a racing season. They give you your money back if you lose. Chances are (literally) that their picks will win half of the time, so you get a 50% refund. The problem is, that is only a matter of chance. There is really nothing special going on except that you get a rebate for half your bets. There was nothing special about the scamming handicapper’s picks. They weren’t and aren’t winning picks at all. So why bother? You might as well have done the handicapping yourself.

There are many other signs of handicapping scams. These are just a few. Some scammers also use affiliate programs and pay others to their affiliates losing customers. Another sign is lack of a verifiable track record. So you should always be very wary when considering the use of handicapping services.

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