Wordpress God March 2, 2016

Following the decision by the Congress of the United States in Washington, D.C., online casinos have had to think long and hard about what to do next. Of course, all they’ve really needed to do was look “across the pond” to Europe for their answers. This is because as it has been pretty much since the beginning of modern times, Europe and America have had different standards about pretty much everything, whether it be power, roads, or simple currencies and matters of trade.

Online gambling might be officially illegal in the United States, but in the European Union there has yet to be a draft law that would ban online casinos gambling there. Individual nation-state members of the EU usually have their own laws regarding online casinos gambling that aren’t always flattering to the online casinos, but for the most part online casinos will find friendlier government officials in places like Brussels or Berlin than in Boston or Washington. The impact, then, of online casinos forward-thinking toward expansion on Europe needs to be taken into consideration.

Online casinos have already in the past ended up sponsoring sports teams in Europe. While in the United States a team generally has loyalty to a city so long as that team’s owners choose to stay there, in Europe it is often a more fluid partnership. Online casinos already have a presence in Europe which cannot be easily ignored, and it shouldn’t be ignored if online casinos hope to expand their business enough to make up for the major losses they will be experiencing thanks to the gambling legislation in the U.S. which denies online casinos significant sources of New World revenue.

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