Wordpress God January 13, 2016

Sports Book, a leading gambling sports betting site, is offering odds on the success of the new film ‘All the King’s Men’. The film, which is studded with famous Hollywood stars, and the hype that has helped build up this film to potential viewers everywhere will be enough to draw people to the box office when the move finally premieres on September 22nd, 2006. Sports Book has posted odds on the opening weekend gross of this film and gambling fans who love props bets have already placed their bets.

‘Everybody bets on movies at Sportsbook.com and the epic ‘All the Kings Men’ is bound to grab lots of attention. With inspired performances by Sean Penn and brilliant directing from Academy Award winner Steve Zaillian, this film will no doubt have people talking once they leave the theater,’ said Alex Czajkowski, Marketing director of the gambling sports betting site. The world’s largest gambling sports book and casino online has set over/under odds on the film generating US 19 million dollars in its first weekend, with odds set at -120 for either the over or under.

With an amazing cast, the film focuses on politician Willie Starks, who is played by Sean Penn. Starks is a humble idealist with appeal to the common man which helps him land the job as governor of Louisiana. His determination to help the poverty stricken state is well received until he becomes corrupt, showing his insatiable thirst for power. Gambling fans will enjoy being interactively involved in this film. This is why props betting have become so popular among gambling fans everywhere.

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